Nejesa Handwovens


Nejesa Handwovens specializes in creating handwoven goods from Nacogdoches, Texas.

Welcome to Nejesa Handwovens! Proud to offer unique, American Made, handcrafted designs; Nejesa Handwovens are woven by Nichol Harris Daniel on a Gilmore floor loom and AVL production loom out of her home studio in Texas. With a 12 year background in babywearing and babywearing education, Nichol's ongoing love and knowledge of textiles and their design have allowed her to seamlessly transition into her role as a hand weaver. BCIA compliant, Nichol will help you design the handwoven textile of your dreams. Check in to the Inside Nejesa Handwovens group and the business page on facebook to see exclusive news on upcoming custom slots, draws, auctions and available sister slots!