Nejesa Handwovens

Babywearing Safety Is Important!

A wrap, when used correctly, will hold your baby safe and secure. There are many different ways to carry your baby.

Always be sure to inspect your wrap for wear and tear before each use.

Use common sense when wearing your baby.  Your baby’s safety is your responsibility. Nejesa Handwovens is not liable for any accidents or injuries caused by the misuse of our products. 

A carrier is made to be worn by one adult and one child at a time. Do not use a carrier while doing any sports activities such as biking, running, jumping, or climbing. A carrier is not intended to be used as a carseat, do not use while driving or performing potentially hazardous tasks such as cooking or around an open flame.

When using a carrier, pay closer attention than usual to your surroundings and the baby. Make sure not to trip or fall, as this could cause potentially life threatening injuries to the child. Pay close attention to those around you and to anything within reach of the baby.

Do not leave a baby in a carrier if it is not being worn. If breastfeeding in the carrier, reposition the baby to the proper position as soon as you are finished.

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